New Tea Bowls by Takahashi Rakusai IV (*1925)

Takahashi Rakusai IV, born 1925, is probably the most famous Shigaraki potter. The Takahashi family is along with the Ueda family the oldest potter lineage in Shigaraki and largely responsible for preserving the old traditions, especially after the second world war. Takahashi Rakusai IV succeeded his father the third Takahashi – who was designated as „Intangible Cultural Property“ by government - in 1976. 

Due to his high age, he  handed the familiy tradition  and workshop officially over to his son, Takahashi Rakusai V (*1954, formerly Takahashi Kôzô), in 2010. Here is a good opportunity to purchase a collection of well selected tea bowls that shows the wide range of Takahshi's interpretation of the traditional Shigaraki style. See more here.