New Work: Shigaraki Tea Caddy by Ueda Naokata IV (1898-1975)

We have just added this beautiful small tea caddy (chaire) made by famous Shigaraki master Ueda Naokata IV 上田直方 四代 (1898-1975). Ueda Naokata IV succeded his father, the third Ueda in 1931 and was designated as first Shiga prefecture's 'Intangible Cultural Property'. The familiy has a long tradition as potters starting their business with Ueda Naokata I, who lived 1805-1891. They are along with the Takahashi familiy the most important potters preserving Shigaraki's old pottery-making traditon. This small tea caddy is perfectly shaped and the ash glaze meldted in a typical Shigaraki milky greenish tone, running downward on the frontside stopping in a deep green drop of glaze. There is the potters mark 'Naokata' on the base. The tea caddy comes with a signed wooden box (tomobako) and a silk pouch (shifku).