23. February 2018
We are happy to inform you about our latest offer: Two Bizen Tea Caddies by Isezaki Jun & Mitsuru
16. February 2018
We wish all our customers a happy lunar new year of the dog 2018!

07. February 2018
We are offering two distinct fresh water jars made by two generations of Shigaraki potters: Takahashi Rakusai III and Takahashi Rakusai IV.
03. February 2018
New Acquisitions: Galerie Kommoss is offering some new fantastic golden maki-e lacquer boxes. All are different and we cannot decide which one is the most beautiful.

10. November 2017
We are happy to announce that we uploaded a new outstanding acquisition: A Bizen Korogashi Flower Vase (Hanaire) by Kimura Sojô (*1945).
10. November 2017
It's our pleasure to inform you about our latest acquisition: This extraordinary tea caddy (chaire) "Green Mountain" was made by Imai Kôjin who is a well acknowledged Japanese potter devoting himself to study Old-Iga ware.

18. October 2017
Our fantastic 18th century Nagasaki school tiger painting gets currently a new backing paper.
11. September 2017
Unwrapping a masterpiece. Today we have just added a new acquisition on our homepage: a high-class, double-boxed tea bowl made by Kaneshige Kôsuke 金重晃介 (1943)!

11. September 2017
We have just added this beautiful small tea caddy (chaire) made by famous Shigaraki master Ueda Naokata IV 上田直方 四代 (1898-1975).
09. September 2017
Learn more about the meaning of one of our works: the single-character calligraphy "Mu" (Nothing) written by Zen Buddhist monk Nishigaki Sôkô.

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