Kanō School (18. C.)

Two-Panel Screen with Phoenix and Paulownia Tree

Inv. Nr. #17.001
Date Edo-period (1603-1868), 18th c.
Material Mineral Colors, ink and gold on paper.
Dimensions 190 x 180 cm

Two unidentified (collector?) seals on the lower right corner

Wonderful two-panel folding screen with painting of a phoenix descending between gold clouds to a river shore where a paulownia tree grows, which is believed to be his resting place. The screen was painted by a master Kanō painter, however, remained unsigned - which is not unusual. The unknown painter's skillful brushwork as well as the overall composition is orientating on a famous pair of six-panel screens made by Kanō Tan'yū (1602-1674) in the Suntory Museum of Art, Tōkyō. Compared to Tan'yū's  work, the screens seems to combine the flying phoenix from his left screen with the rock and the tree from the right screen to adapt the composition and arrange it in the much smaller proportions of a two-panel folding screens.