Nishigaki Sôkô (1908-1985)

Calligraphy "Mu" (Nothing)

Inv. Nr. #A56
Date 1960/70s
Material Ink on paper
Dimensions 119,5 x 54 cm

Comes with inscribed and signed woodenbox.

Hanging scroll with the single character "Mu" 無 (Nothing), which refers to the emptiness of all things written by Nishigaki Sôkô 西垣宗興 (1908-1985). Nishigaki was born in Gifu prefecture in 1908. He entered monastic life first at Shinju-an, Daitoku-ji that is the famous subtemple of Zen-eccentric Ikkyû Sôjun. Later he became abbot of Daitoku-ji's affiliated temple Gokuraku-ji in Kinosaki, Hyôgo prefecture.