Kimura Tôhô (*1928)

Bizen Chaire with Hidasuki Decor

Inv. Nr. #18.005
Date Late 20th c.
Material Ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 6,4 x D 7,2 cm

Comes with fitted signed and sealed wooden box and silk pouch.

Elegant Bizen tea caddy (chaire) of the round-shaped bunrin type, made by Kimura Tôhô (*1928). Rice straw cords, that were soaked in salt water and bound around the unglazed body, leaving red traces on the surface during the firing process. This ancient technique, already known from Momoyama-period pieces (1573-1603) is called hidasuki ("red ribbon" or "fire cords").


Signed underneath Tôhô 陶峰. Comes with fitted and signed wooden box and silk pouch (shifuku). Box inscribed: Bizen hidasuki yaki bunrin chaire, made by Tôhô 備前火襷焼文琳茶入陶峰造. Sealed Kimura 木村.