Matsui Tomoyuki (*1931)

Bizen Tea Caddy

Inv. Nr. #18.001
Date End 20th c.
Material Ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 9 x D 6,2 cm

Comes with fitted, signed and sealed wooden box and silk pouch.

Matsui Tomoyuki, born 1931 in Arao, Kumamoto, is one of the leading Bizen potters of our current time. He received the Kaneshige Tôyô Price in 1980 and was rewarded the honorary title "Okayama Prefectural Important Intangible Cultural Property" in 1996. His works are part of many public collections in Japan and abroad. One of his works was even accepted by the famous Ise shrine. He is member of the Japan Arts and Crafts Association and the Bizenyaki Tôyûkai.


The tea caddy, which is offered here, has a straight shape with distinct shoulders. The exterior shows beutiful patterns of yôhen ("kiln mutation") with vivid color changing on the reserve side and brown, grey and greenish goma on the ash glazed back side.


In perfect condition. Signed underneath. Comes with signed, sealed wooden box and silk pouch.