Meiji-period Maki-E Table

One-Foot Table for Offerings

Inv. Nr.  
Date Meiji-period (1868-1912)

Wood, black, gold and silver lacquer,

cut  gold leaf

Dimensions H 22,6 x D 25,8 cm

In excellent condition.

A fine Meiji-period one-foot table (Jap. takatsugi 高坏) which is traditionally used for offerings. This example is allover covered by a masterful composition of flowers reminding of the passing summer: peony, morning glory (asagao 朝顔) and lily (yuri 百合) and the early autumn: chrysanthemum (kiku 菊), clover (hagi 萩), pink (nadeshiko 撫子) and bell flower (kikyô 桔梗).