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We wish all visitors and friends of Galerie Kommoss a Happy New Year of the Ox!

We wish all our visitors and friends a wonderful, peaceful and prosperous Happy New Year. In Chinese and Japanese zodiac 2021 is the year of the ox, which stands for stability, strength and reliability - very fortune characteristics we are all longing for after the uncertainties of the last year. We hope you stay safe and secure!

Galerie Kommoss joined the Belgium art network Civilisations Brussels

We are happy to inform you, that Galerie Kommoss has become member of the Belgium art network "Civilisations - Art in Brussels." The network brings together highly regarded dealers from all over the world specialized in artworks of Asian, Tribal and Ancient art. A vetting team of experts is securing highest standards of authenticity and quality of the chosen works. Learn more on their website civilisations.brussels and the related Instagram account.