P a i n t i n g

Flower and Bird Screen by

NAKAGAWA WADÔ (1880-1943)

Inv. Nr.  #17.005
Date 1920/30
Material Colors on gold
Dimensions 340 x 190 cm

Six-panel folding screen with bird-flower painting on gold ground painted by Nakagawa Wadô (1880-1943). The painting shows a finely arranged composition of summer vegetation such as iris, peony, poppy and lilys that are hold by bamboo sticks growing around a moose covered rock on which a wagtail rests. The colorful painting on a bright gold leaf covered ground was outdone in style of the Rinpa school. Signed "Wadô", sealed "Nakagawa made".

Screen with Phoenix and Pauwlonia Tree, KANÔ SCHOOL, Edo-period

Inv. Nr.  #17.001
Date Edo-period (1603-1868)
Material Mineral Colors, ink and gold on paper.
Dimensions 190 x 180 cm

Wonderful two-panel folding screen with painting of a phoenix who is descending between gold clouds to a river shore where a pauwlonia tree grows, which is believed to be his resting place. 

Pair of Screens with Four Chinese Poets by KANÔ EIGAKU (1790-1867)

Inv. Nr.  #17.004
Date  Edo-period, mid-19th c.
Material Ink on paper.
Dimensions Each 175 x 167, Painting 60 x 130 cm

Pair of two-panel folding screens with four single paintings by Kanô Eigaku, 9th leading master of the Kanô-branch in Kyôto. He often signed as in this example under his name Kanô Nui'nosuke Eigaku 狩野縫殿助永岳.

The four paintings are depicting four famous Chinese poets that are matched beautifully with the four seasons.  Spring is indicated by a plum tree and a young boy feeding a crane as a symbol for the good fortune in the beginning year. Summer shows the poet Li Bai (701-762) whilst viewing the waterfall of Mt. Lu and composing his famous waterfall poem. In autumn an old scholar is depicted with a walking-staff in one hand and a bunch of chrysanthemum in the other. This figure is reffering to famous poet Tao Yuanming 陶淵明 (365-427) whos alias was "Master of the five willows". His poem of home-coming describes his pleasure about the chrysanthemum growing at the fence of his home to where he returns to after his retirement.