P o r c e l a i n s

Vase by Living National Treasure


Inv. Nr.  #17.002
Date End 20th c.
Material Underglaze blue, overglaze red, green, yellow
Dimensions 26,5 x 18 x 18 cm

Comes with inscribed and signed wooden box.

Excellent porcelain flower vase with camellia decor painted in the  underglaze blue and overglaze red, green and yellow technique. Made by Imaemon Imaizumi XIII (*1926-2001) who was designated a Japanese Living National Treasure for his skills in preserving the traditional technics. With original inscribed and signed wooden box.

Nabeshima Sometsuke Dish with three Treasure Ships

Inv. Nr.  #A52
Date late 19th c.
Material Underglaze cobalt blue painting on porcelain
Dimensions 15,3 x 3,7 cm

Nabeshima ware is a Japanese, unususally high-quality porcelain of the Arita type. It was produced for their own use or as precious presents by the similar-named Nabeshima clan in Okawachi near Arita between 1700 and late 19th c. The here presented dish is decorated in underglaze cobalt blue with three treasure ships (takarabune 宝船). According to a saga, the seven lucky gods (Shichi Fukujin 七福神) reach the human's world on those ships on New Year's Day. They are said to transport seven intangible treasures: intelligence, wisdom, experience, eruditeness, courage, prosperity and longevity; and five tangible treasures: the inexhaustible purse, invisibilizing hat, the lucky cloak, the wooden hammer of wealth and the ghost-hunting rat. Very good condition. Very small pieces of sand in the inner foot ring.