The Gallery

Galerie Kommoss, based in Berlin, is a leading gallery in Europe entirely devoted to Japanese art. The gallery focuses on important Japanese art works bringing together a variety of traditional and contemporary ceramics, paintings and lacquers and other works of art, such as bamboo baskets and sculptural works.


Being involved in the academic and museum’s context as well as in the gallery business, we feel a strong responsibility for both, the desires of our globally increasing numbers of private clients for decorative Japanese art as well as for the preservation of cultural and historical artifacts and their accessibility in museums and public institutions. We dedicate our work to source, sustain and provide highest quality works of art in all their facets and to convey Japanese culture to a broader audience.

The Gallerist

The gallery was established in 2012 by Dr. Fabian Alexander Kommoß. Fabian has completed studies in East Asian art history, Japanese studies and philosophy and has finished his doctoral studies with a double degree in East Asian art history and art history. With his dissertation, published in 2021, he is a specialist for Japanese Zen Buddhist art and visual culture.