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MIZUSASHI – Fresh Water JArs | Coming soon...

A Mizusashi is a traditional, lidded vessel created to contain the fresh, cold water used in the Japanese tea ceremony. A Mizusashi therefore plays a central role by holding one of the two main ingredients used in the preparation of tea. These beautifully crafted vessels are chosen by the tea host to enhance the aesthetic experience they provide by their size as the visual centerpiece in the thoughtful arrangement of tea utensils. Bringing together a select range of unique Japanese water vessels from the early 17th century to contemporary traditional pieces by some of the greatest pottery masters, the exhibition explores the fascinating world of fresh water vessels and their deep connection to the tea ceremony as a source of inspiration and cultural heritage in Japan.

Past Exhibitions 2023

Painted Poems, Written Images – Poetic Art by Ōtagaki Rengetsu | Jun 1 - Jul 30

The special exhibition Painted Poems, Written Images – Poetic Art by Ōtagaki Rengetsu brings together paintings, calligraphy, and ceramic works by Japan’s most famous 19th-century female artist. Known for her elegant handwriting, Rengetsu often reveals a sophisticated and complex relationship between materiality and meaning in her works. The complete exhibition can be viewed online.

Past Exhibitions 2022

Brussels Winter Art Fair 2022 | Jan 19-23

Rue des Minimes 55, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

We are thrilled to inform you about our participation in the Brussels Winter Art Fair 2022. Together with a selected group of internationally well-established art dealers, Galerie Kommoss is exhibiting fine Japanese art works in Brussels' famous art district, the Sablon area.

Past Exhibitions 2020

Selected Works of Japanese Art | CIVILISATIONS - Art in Brussels | Sep 08

Online Exclusive Exhibition Catalogue. Click here to see more.

We are happy to inform about our participation in the new Belgium art dealer network CIVILISATIONS - Art in Brussels. Though, the first exhibition has been postponed due the Corona pandemic, an online catalog has been published, featuring exclusive art works from the Asian, Tribal and Ancient art sections. Galerie Kommoss is taking part with a rare large pair of screens by Mochizuki Gyokkei (1874-1938), a stunning Edo period tiger painting and a high-quality Nabeshima dish from a set of which one is held by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. See the catalog here.

Black and Gold: The Art of Japanese Lacquer | Feb 15 - Mar 15

Online Exclusive Exhibition on Artsy. Click here to see more.

Small exhibition of carefully selected Japanese lacquer works ranging from mid-Edo period (1603-1868) to traditional works by contemporary lacquer masters. The exhibition focuses on traditional forms such as caddies for the tea ceremony and tools for drinking rice wine.

Past Exhibitions 2019

Germany: COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN | Nov 21-24

Messeplatz 1, 50679 Köln, Germany, Hall 11.2, Booth C39

We are thrilled to announce our participation in COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN this year. Founded in 1970 as West Deutsche Kunstmesse, COLOGNE FINE ART & DESIGN celebrates a tumultuous half century of being one of the leading fairs in Germany for Art, Antiques and Design.

To mark the fair's 50th anniversary, Galerie Kommoss booth C39 is going to feature a painting by Edo period Zen master Sengai Gibon (1750-1837). The small, unique work shows an image of one of the Seven Lucky Gods, Daikoku, in Sengai's fluent and playful brush stroke. In Japan, Daikoku is a symbol for prosperity and fortune. Famous for his unconventional way of teaching Zen Buddhism to common people and his skillful use of humorous paintings, Sengai has been one of the leading Zen figures in late Edo period Japan.

Switzerland: Summer Exhibition at Casa del tè on Monte Verità, Ascona | Jul 16-20

Strada Collina 84, Ascona 6612, Switzerland

Exclusive exhibition and traditional Japanese tea ceremony at Casa del tè on Monte Verità in Ascona, Switzerland. Carefully selected tea utensils, such as tea caddies made of gold lacquer and clay, a collection of tea bowls and incense cases.

Belgium: Asian Art in Brussels, CULTURES 2019 | Jun 12-16

Rue Watteeu 27, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

“CULTURES - The World Arts Fair” is for the fourth time now a successful synergy between the three organizations, AAB (Asian Art In Brussels), BAAF (Brussels Ancient Art Fair) and BRUNEAF (Brussels Non-European Art Fair). 60 International exhibitors will gather in Brussels Sablon for almost one week. The Sablon area is known for its large number of galleries and remains one of the most attractive places to host participating dealers at the heart of Europe. Galerie Kommoss will attend the event for the first time and will show a wide range of carefully selected art works from Japan.

Past Exhibitions 2018

Germany: Cologne Fine Art | Nov 21-25

Messeplatz 1, 50679 Köln, Germany, Booth A029

We are happy to inform you that Galerie Kommoss has been chosen as exhibitor for the Cologne Fine Art this year.

To celebrate this special event, our gallery's stand No. A029 will be featuring a rare and striking pair of Meiji period six-panel folding screens by Mochizuki Gyokkei (1874-1939) with a flock of cranes. Displayed together the two screens disclose a gorgeous seven-meter wide composition of interacting individual birds, painted in ink and mineral colors on a glittering gold background. The cranes seen in these screens from 1906 possibly served as a model for Gyokkei's later layout of wall and sliding door paintings in the Shōbi-kan building, which is part of the gardens of Kyōto's famous Heian shrine.