Higashi Takesonosai (1915-2003)

Bamboo Flower Basket, titled "Fragrant Breeze"

Inv. Nr. #21.004
Date Shōwa period, 1970s
Material Bamboo, rattan, lacquer
Dimensions H 37,4 x W 19,3 x D 15,5 cm

Comes with fitted, signed and sealed wooden box.

Price: EUR 7.500

Bamboo flower basket of lacquered bamboo and rattan, made by Higashi Takesonosai (1915-2003) and titled "Fragrant Breeze" (kunpū). The name refers to the south wind in early summer that brings the fragrance of fresh green. The poetic name fits perfectly to the light, airy impression of the basket's thousand-line construction (sensuji gumi) that conically builds up on a square plaited base (yotsumi ami). The handle, made of two split bamboo stripes, were attached at the side, starting at the base and spanning in a wide bow above the basket.


Higashi Takesonosai is regarded as one of the leading bamboo artists of the later twentieth century. He received early training from the Kyoto based basket-makers Kaneka Chikkasai (dates unknown) and Wada Rinshi (dates unknown), but already started to develop his own creative style in the 1930s. His first solo exhibition as independent artist was in 1937 and he made his first entry into the National Exhibition (Nitten) in 1952. Since then, he gradually began to move on from Chinese-style objects (karamono) to a range of expressive new techniques. 


Signed underneath: Takesonosai. Original workshop label is attached inside the lid.


Collections (exemplary):

Asian Art Museum San Francisco, MET, Princeton Art Museum


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