Shōno TokuzŌ 生野徳三 (*1942)

Open Work Free-style Bamboo Basket

Inv. Nr. #23.036
Date Shōwa period, late 1970s
Material Zumen kakuchiku bamboo
Dimensions H 37,4 x Diam. circa 12,5 cm

Comes with fitted, inscribed, signed and sealed wooden box.

Price on request

A tall free-style bamboo flower basket by Shōno Tokuzō. Tokuzō comes from a lineage in which his father, Shōunsai Shōno (1904-1974), was the first bamboo artist ever to earn the prestigious title of Living National Treasure for his mastery of bamboo art. Following his academic journey in sculptural studies at Musashino Art University, graduating in 1964, Tokuzō apprenticed under his father, Shōunsai, absorbing the rich aesthetic and technical skills for which his father was renowned.


Tokuzō's unique approach involves the meticulous selection of bamboo from his personal grove. The process involves cutting, drying, and thoroughly removing the oil and sugar content by heating, a two-year preparation phase to make the bamboo suitable for artistic creation. This method not only highlights the inherent beauty and pliability of bamboo, but also incorporates its natural response to environmental changes such as wind direction, which in turn influences the artist's use of each bamboo piece. The irregularly spotted bamboo used for this particular piece from the late 1970s is called zumen kakuchiku.


Tokuzō Shōno's creations have been celebrated internationally, with pieces exhibited in prestigious institutions such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.