Fujiwara Kazu (*1958)

Bizen Flower Vase in Shape of a Gourd

Inv. Nr. #19.017
Date Heisei period, 1989-2019
Material Ash glazed stone ware
Dimensions H 22,8 x Diam. 13,9 cm

Comes with fitted inscribed, signed and sealed wooden box.

EUR 10.500 (VAT incl.)

Stunning Bizen Flower Vase in shape of a gourd by Fujiwara Kazu. Fujiwara Kazu (b. 1958) was born into a celebrated Bizen potting family - both his grandfather Kei and his father Fujiwara Yū were named Living National Treasures. He has exhibited widely within Japan, including at the prestigious Exhibition of Japanese Traditional Arts and Crafts (Nihon Dentō Kogeiten), and also internationally.



National Gallery of Australia