Okada Hyōkan I  (1904-1969)

Gold Lacquer Natsume with Chrysanthemum

Inv. Nr. #19.020
Date Taishō period
Material Wood, red lacquer, gold, goldpowder
Dimensions H 7,6  x Diam. 7,4 cm

Comes with fitted signed and sealed wooden box.

EUR 7.500 (VAT incl.)

Autumn tea caddy (natsume) with a red lacquer foundation on a wooden core, sprinkled with gold powder and polished. The classic motif of chrysanthemums flowering on a bambus fence is applied in takamaki-e. The image usually refers to the famous "Poem of Home-coming" (Guiqulaici) by Chinese poet Tao Yuanming (365-427). The unique color of gold-powdered red lacquer just supports the impression of autumn by giving adding the color of leaves that just turn from golden yellow to red.


Okada Hyōkan I, was a Kyōto artist following the tradition of Kimura Hyōsai (1818-1885), founder of the Hyō-school (Hyō-ha), which is regarded as one the main schools of Kyōto lacquer (the so called Kyōnuri). His real name was Kawase Shigetarō. He founded under his artist name Hyōkan his own tradition. Today, his workshop, Hyōkan-dō, is working in the fourth generation.


Comes with a fitted wooden box, signed Hyōkan and sealed Shisshō Okada Hyōkan zō in. Inside the lid is an inscription by the 15th head (iemoto) of the Urasenke tea ceremony school, Hōunsai (*1923): Kiku maki-e dai-natsume, Konichi, and his kaō in red lacquer in the inside of the tea caddy's lid.