Fujiwara Kazu 藤原和 (*1958)

Bizen Flower Vase in Shape of a Gourd

Inv. Nr. #19.017
Date Heisei period, 1989-2019
Material Ash glazed stone ware
Dimensions H 22,8 x Diam. 13,9 cm

Comes with fitted inscribed, signed and sealed wooden box.

Price: EUR 6,500

A gorgeous Bizen flower vase in the shape of a double gourd by Fujiwara Kazu. The surface of this masterpiece is covered with a gray ash glaze with a finely woven net of bright yellow melted glaze. The piece was fired sideways, so that long dark streams of ash glaze running horizontally from one side to the other gathered on the unglazed parts where the firing supports were attached. The vibrant colors, especially the lemon yellow contrasting with the bright red of the finely textured Bizen clay, are absolutely unique and make this piece a true gem for any serious collector of Japanese ceramics. 


Kazu, born in 1958, is the heir to one of Japan's most famous pottery families. Both his father, Fujiwara Yū (1932-2001), and his grandfather, Fujiwara Kei (1899-1983), were legends of traditional wood-fired Bizen ceramics and were awarded the title of Living National Treasure. Kazu has exhibited widely in Japan, including the prestigious Nihon Dentō Kogei-ten, and internationally.