Isezaki Shin 伊勢崎紳 (*1965)

Bizen Tsubo with Running Ash Glaze

Inv. Nr. #20.013
Date Early 21th C.
Material Ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 24,5 x Diam. 24,5 cm

Comes with fitted, signed and sealed wooden box and sealed wrapping cloth.

Price: EUR 3,200

Born in 1965 as the second son of Isezaki Mitsuru (1934-2011), Important Intangible Cultural Property of Okayama, and the nephew of Isezaki Jun (*1936), Living National Treasure, it seems only natural that Isezaki Shin inherited much of his talent from his predecessors to become one of the most promising Bizen potters of our time. Many of his works bear the old traditional Bizen techniques interpreted in a fresh, lively and modern way.


Here is a spherical flower vase in the style of a traditional storage vessel, but with a smaller, elegantly shaped mouth. The upper half of the vessel is covered with a brownish natural ash glaze that has melted and run down the front of the vessel in long streams. In Japanese, this effect is compared to the stripes of traditional bamboo shades decorated with pearls (tamadare). This is the description of the vase that Isezaki Shin as wrote on the wooden box that came with it: Bizen tamadare tsubo 備前玉垂壺. The box is signed and sealed: Shin 紳 and the vessel is marked with the potter's mark underneath.


Isezaki Shin has been working independently in his own kiln since 1999 and has received many awards for his traditional pottery production as well as for his progressive exploration of new Bizen techniques and firing methods. He has been accepted as a full member of the Nihon Kōgei Kai (Japan Arts and Crafts Association).