Matsui Tomoyuki 松井與之 (*1931)

Bizen Tea Caddy

Inv. Nr. #18.001
Date Heisei period (1989-2019)
Material Ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 9 x Diam. 6,2 cm

Comes with fitted, signed and sealed wooden box and silk pouch.

Price: EUR 1.800

Renowned ceramic artist Matsui Tomoyuki honed his craft under the tutelage of Morino Kako in the culturally rich city of Kyōto, marking the beginning of his journey into the realm of pottery. This pivotal experience served as the catalyst for his diverse repertoire, which includes the intricate techniques of kinsai, ginsai, nerikomi, and more.


Matsui's artistic contributions extend beyond the confines of his studio, as his creations grace the revered grounds of Ise-jingu Shrine. These works are dedicated to the Imperial Family and symbolize prayers for peace on earth and bountiful harvests. Such prestigious recognition underscores the profound cultural significance embedded in Matsui's ceramic expressions.


In addition to his artistic endeavors, Matsui's legacy is further enriched by his commitment to education. His role as a mentor has become an important cornerstone of his career, imparting invaluable knowledge to aspiring ceramic artists. This commitment to nurturing the next generation is a testament to Matsui's belief in the transformative power of education in the field of ceramics.


The culmination of Matsui's lifelong dedication to the art form was recognized in 1980 when he was awarded the prestigious Kaneshige-Tōyō Prize and in 1996 when he was named an Important Intangible Cultural Asset of Okayama Prefecture. This prestigious award solidifies Matsui's indelible imprint on Okayama's cultural heritage and serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the preservation and development of traditional ceramic arts.


The tea caddy offered here has a straight shape with distinct shoulders. The exterior shows beautiful patterns of yōhen ("kiln mutation") with vivid color changes on the reserve side and brown, gray, and greenish goma on the ash-glazed back.


In perfect condition. Signed on the bottom. Comes with inscribed, signed and sealed wooden box and silk pouch.