Mimura Tōhaku (1929-1994)

Vase in Shape of a double Gourd

Inv. Nr. #A15
Date 20th c.
Material Ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 17,3  x D 11,5 cm

Comes with signed and sealed wooden box.

Price: EUR 450

A unique Bizen style natural ash glazed flower vase in shape of a double gourd made by Mimura Tōhaku. He was a student of 'living national treasure' Yamamoto Tōshū 山本陶秀 (1906-1994) and joined then the workshop of famous Kaneshige Ritōen 金重利陶苑 in 1956. Since 1972 he was working as independent artist.


Unglazed stoneware, orange-red colored during firing, dark brown natural ash glaze, partly yellow-brownish crust (goma), partly melted out grey (sangiri), scratch signature on foot, wooden box (kiri-tomobako) with inscription: Bizen, Flower Vase, Tōhaku and red seal: Tōhaku