takahashi rakusai Iv 四代 高橋楽斎 (*1925)

Shigaraki Tea Caddy (chaire)

Inv. Nr. #17.014
Date 20th C.
Material Ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 8,0  x Diam. 6,5 cm

Comes with silk pouch and signed and sealed wooden box.

Price: EUR 1,800

This fine tea caddy (chaire) was made by Shigaraki master Takahashi Rakusai IV. The cylindrical shaped body has scratched lines under the shoulder and above the foot. The surface shows a fantastic color change between the ash glazed and unglazed parts, where the typical sand-colored clay turned partly into orange and red due to oxidation during the firing process. The inside is covered by an emerald-green ash glazing.

A beautiful piece in perfect condition that exemplifies Rakusai IV's excellent knowledge of the old Momoyama-period (1573-1603) Shigaraki style. Comes with signed wooden box and beautiful silk pouch that suits perfectly the colors of the caddy with its bright colors.