Tsujimura Shirō (*1947)

Natural Ash Glazed Flower Vase

Inv. Nr. #A44
Date 20th c.
Material Ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 26  x D 10 cm

Comes with signed and sealed wooden box.

Price: EUR 2,200

Flower vase made of sandy clay with natural ash glaze (shizen-yū 自然釉), partly melted to clear, emerald green "dragonfly eyes" (tonbo no me 蜻蛉の目). Original wooden box with artist's inscription: Natural Ash Glaze Flower Vase; signature and seal: Shirō. Tsujimura Shirō, born 1947 in Gosei, Nara prefecture, is one of the most innovative and all-round talents in Japanese pottery scene. Since the late 70’s his works are exhibited in countless solo- and group shows and became part of numerous international collections.