Ko-Shigaraki Fresh Water Jar, 17. Century

Certified by UEDA NAOKATA V (1927-2015)

Inv. Nr. #20.019
Date Edo period, 17th Century
Material Ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 14,0  x W 16,5 x D 16,0 cm

Comes with fitted wooden box, inscribed and certified by Ueda Naokata V.

Bold 17th-century fresh water jar of square shape and rustic impression with certification by Ueda Noakata V. For this work a documented Shigaraki mizusashi from the Momoyama period (1568-1603) was used as a model. Made of dark Shigaraki clay, it has a rough texture with many cracks and impurities in it. The body is partly covered by a greenish, milky natural ash glaze. The shape is possibly thrown on a potters wheel and then trimmed and shaped with a paddle to a square form. The lid is made of black-lacquered wood and fits perfectly on the vessel's mouth.


The fitted storage box was inscribed by Naokata, who certifies: Ko-shigaraki shihō mizusashi ("Old Shigaraki Square Fresh Water Jar"), Shikaraku-gama 紫香楽窯 ("Purple-scent pleasure kiln"), Naokata shiki 直方識 ("identified by Naokata").


Ueda Naokata V was born in Shigaraki and completed his studies at the Kyōto National Ceramics Laboratory. He trained then under his father Ueda Naokata IV (1898-1975) whom he succeeded in the year of his death 1975. Ueda V was selected for the Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition and the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition. He had many exhibitions Takashimaya department store Kyōto and other locations. He has been a member of the

Japan Crafts Association (Nihon Kōgei-kai).