Shigaraki Fresh Water Jar, 19. Century

Certified by UEDA NAOKATA V (1927-2015)

Inv. Nr. #20.019
Date Edo period, 19th Century
Material Ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 14,0  x W 16,5 x D 16,0 cm

Comes with fitted wooden box, inscribed and certified by Ueda Naokata V.

Price: EUR 6,500

Bold 19th-century fresh water jar of square shape and rustic impression with certification by Ueda Noakata V. Made of dark Shigaraki clay, it has a rough texture with many cracks and impurities in it. The body is partly covered by a greenish, milky natural ash glaze. The shape is possibly thrown on a potter's wheel and then trimmed and shaped with a paddle to a square form. The lid is made of black-lacquered wood and fits perfectly on the vessel's mouth.


The fitted storage box was inscribed by Naokata, who certifies: Ko-shigaraki shihō mizusashi ("Old Shigaraki Square Fresh Water Jar"), Shikaraku-gama 紫香楽窯 ("Purple-scent pleasure kiln"), Naokata shiki 直方識 ("identified by Naokata").


Ueda Naokata V was born in Shigaraki and completed his studies at the Kyōto National Ceramics Laboratory. He trained then under his father Ueda Naokata IV (1898-1975) whom he succeeded in the year of his death 1975. Ueda V was selected for the Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition and the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition. He had many exhibitions at the Takashimaya department store in Kyōto and many other locations. He has been a member of the Japan Crafts Association (Nihon Kōgei-kai).