Kiyomizu Rokubei III  三代 清水六兵衛 · TOMIOKA TESSAI 富岡鉄斎 · ŌTAGAKI RENGETSU 大田垣蓮月

Lidded Jar with Chrysanthemums and Poem

Inv. Nr. #21.008
Date Late Edo period, 1866/67
Material Iron-oxide and white slip on stoneware
Dimensions H 13,4  x Diam. 19,8 cm

Comes with fitted wooden box, inscribed by Tomioka Tessai.

Price on request

The only known, fully documented collaboration work (gassaku) by Kyōto potter Kiyomizu Rokubei III (1820-1883), Ōtagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875) and Tomioka Tessai (1837-1924). The lidded water jar was made by Rokubei of grey stoneware and was then loosely glazed with a white slip on which Tessai painted chrysanthemum flowers in iron brown and Rengetsu inscribed her poem on the lid:








In the palms of my hands

Waiting for Eons to pass…

I hear drinking this

Will make me younger—

The chrysanthemums’ hanging dew.


Rengetsu signed the poem with her age of 75 and Tessai’s box inscription tells us the year 1867. The beautiful poem, which was later officially published in Rengetsu’s anthology Ama no karumo in 1870, indicates the function of the jar: It was used as freshwater container for the tea ceremony, giving the poetic impression that it was filled with the fresh dew from chrysanthemum flowers.



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