Fusensai Shūshō (18./19. C.)

Red Maki-e Sake Cup with Lion Dog

Inv. Nr. #18.003
Date  Mid Edo period, 18th/early 19th Century
Material Wood, lacquer, gold and silver
Dimensions H 3,3 x Diam. 12,9 cm

With fitted wooden box.

Price: EUR 900

Richly decorated Sake cup (sakazuki) with lion dog (komainu) climbing a waterfall's rock made in gold takamaki-e by lacquer master Fusensai Shūshō 浮船斎 秀勝. Fusen (dates unknown) has been an Edo period lacquer master of the late 18th/early 19th century. He was specialized in making decorated pill boxes (inrō) and other highly decorated lacquer works such as lacquered ceremonial sake cups. This fine example was possible part of a set, that has been used for the New Year sake offering. His works are collected in many international public and private collections. A good reference work of sake cups is for example in the possession of the Edo Tokyo Museum.