Ichigo Icchō 一后一兆 (1898-1991)

Tea Caddy with Festive Knot and Ribbons, with Appraisal by Tea Ceremony Master Hōunsai 鵬雲斎 (*1923)

Inv. Nr. #17.030
Date Shōwa period (1926-89)
Material Wood, lacquer, gold and colored lacquer
Dimensions H 7,7 x D 7,4 cm

With fitted, signed and sealed wooden box and sealed tomogire.

Price: EUR 4,500

A large tea caddy (ō-natsume) by Ichigo Icchō (1898-1991) with a decoration of festive ribbons held together by a golden knot (noshi). The wooden body is finished with polished black lacquer (roiro) and sprinkled with gold powder in the lower part to create a beautiful fading effect. The ribbons are executed in takamaki-e on different colored bases. The inside and the base are richly sprinkled with gold flakes and polished. The edges are finished with gold lacquer.


Noshi knots are usually used to indicate precious gifts, to express the donor's wish for a good relationship and to bless the recipient with symbols of prosperity and happiness.


The bottom is signed Icchō saku ("Made by Icchō"). Inside the lid is an abbreviated signature (kaō) in red by the 15th head (iemoto) of the Urasenke tea ceremony school, Hōunsai 鵬雲斎 (*1923), who also inscribed the inside of the lid of the wooden box: Noshi ō-natsume ("Large tea caddy with festive knot"), indicating that this item is a highly prized, top-quality lacquer work of art.


The tea caddy comes with original, fitted wooden box, inscribed on the side: Noshi natsume Icchō saku ("Tea caddy with festive knot made by Icchō"), signed and sealed: Icchō, and a wrapping cloth (tomogire), sealed: Icchō.