Kakinoki Akira (1926-2009)

Tea Caddy with Marple Leaves and Camellia

Inv. Nr. #18.007
Date Mid 20th c.
Material Wood, lacquer, gold and silver
Dimensions H 7,4  x D 7,4 cm

Comes with fitted signed and sealed wooden boxand sealed cloth (tomogire)

Luxuriously decorated tea caddy (natsume) made by Kakinoki Akira (1926-2009). The exterior is finished in polished black lacquer (roiro) and elaborately decorated with gold and silver takamaki-e camellia blossoms and sprinkled (nashiji) marple leaves on golden leaves of aralia. Interior black lacquer. Rims are in gold and subtly decorated with abstract floral patterns. Sealed underneath on the golden base: Akira 章. Fitted wooden box inscribed: Maki-e kôyô tsubaki natsume, Akira saku 蒔絵紅葉椿棗章作


Kakinoki Akira (1926-2009) was one of the leading Japanese lacquer artists of the last century who gained large recognition. He was awarded by the Japan Minister of International Trade and Indusry in 1964 and received many prices at the Japan National Exhibiton Nitten throughout his career. At Nitten exhibition he was also receiving highest honors in 2004.