Pair of Porcelain Hares

Arita, Shōzan Kiln

Inv. Nr. #22.010
Date Shōwa period, mid 20th century
Material Porcelain with pink underglaze
Dimensions H 15,5 x W 11,5 x D 9,0 and H 8,0 x W 17,0 x D 9,0 cm

Stamped underneath with kiln mark

Price: EUR 500

A beautiful depiction of two hares made of porcelain at the famous Shōzan kiln in Arita, which is the most important production site for high quality Japanese porcelain. While one rabbit stands upright and actively examines its surroundings, it seems to protect the second rabbit, which sits calmly beside it. The depiction of the animals' natural posture and anatomical details is an artistic masterpiece. They are made from a kiln's model in brilliant white porcelain, and the inside of the ears and their eyes are highlighted with a touch of pink underglaze.


Rabbits are a symbol of elegance, friendliness and diplomacy. As a pair, they usually represent a harmonious relationship and are therefore a lucky symbol of the virtues of a fruitful and happy marriage.


Stamped underneath: Arita Shōzan saku ("Made by Shōzan, Arita")