Hirata Yoshimi (*1965)

Bizen Sake Flask (tokkuri)

Inv. Nr. #A.27
Date late 20th C.
Material Natural ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 12,6 x Diam. 8,9 cm

Comes with signed and sealed wooden box.

Stunning Bizen Sake flask with natural ash glaze and slightly distorted neck. The surface is covered by a fantastic greenish ash glaze of fine texture and some darker rougher spots. The bare clay shows its true beauty and high quality at the unglazed parts, which are underlined by some metallic effects and hi'iro - the 'colour of the flame.' A unique masterpiece.


The flask is signed and stamped underneath and comes with inscribed, signed and sealed wooden box. The box bears additionally the officila seal of the Nanzan kiln, where Hirata Yoshimi made this item.