Honiwa Rakunyū II (1929-2002)

Tall Shigaraki Tea Caddy

Inv. Nr. #17.020
Date 20th C.
Material Ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 10,8 x Diam. 5,8 cm

Comes with silk pouch and signed and sealed wooden box.

An elegant, rare tall Shigaraki tea caddy with a fine powder-like red ash glaze and yellow and black glaze on the front.


This beautiful Chaire was made by Honiwa Rakunyū II (1929-2002) who is one of the great acknowledged Shigaraki masters. Originally born in Nagano prefecture, he was trained by the first Rakunyū and succeeded his name in 1963. He built his own Anagama kiln, named Kochū-gama 壺中窯 - which literally means "Kiln inside a storage jar" - in 1971, that is now run by his son the third Rakunyū. Rakunyū II was specialized in making utensils for the Japanese tea ceremony (chadō-gu), especially tea caddies, fresh water jars (mizusashi) and flower vases (hanaire).