Hosoai Katsudō (1919-1985)

Calligraphy "What is this?" and Ensō Circle

Inv. Nr. #A40
Date 1970s
Material Ink on paper
Dimensions H 129 x Diam. 54,5 cm

Comes with inscribed and signed woodenbox.

The excellent even circle line by Hosoai Katsudō gives proof of a strong and serene mind shaped over years through the strict Zen training. Only the thickening that results unavoidably from putting the brush on the paper and the white empty spaces within the end of the brush line make the perfect round impossible. The angular inscription shows Katsudō's distinct calligraphic style with its powerful and yet dynamic stroke that was set on the paper with strength and precision. It provocatively  asks "What is this?" (Kore nan zo 是什麼) Hosoai Katsudō 細合喝堂 lived from 1919-1985 and was abbot of Daitoku-ji's subtemple Ryūgen-in.