Ippyōsai VII (*1942)

Maki-e Tea Caddy with Bamboo

Inv. Nr. #18.008
Date 20th C.
Material Wood, lacquer, gold
Dimensions H 7,0  x Diam. 7,0 cm

Comes with fitted signed and sealed wooden box and with large black lacquer box

Excellent tea caddy (natsume) made by the 7th Ippyōsai, Ippyō Eizō (*1942). The exterior is finished in polished jet black lacquer (roiro) and decorated in gold maki-e with branches of bamboo (sasa). Interior and base in sprinkled gold nashiji. Rims in gold lacquer. A special handling of the bamboo leaves with gold foundation with a soft green shimmer and veins in takamaki-e gives the plant a natural three-dimensional impression. Signed underneath in gold: Ippyōsai 一瓢斉.


Ippyō Eizō was the 7th generation of one of the leading lacquer master families in Kyōto. He has studied under his father, Ippyōsai VI (1908-2001), and Shimizuya Kōmin. He is known for his excellent composition on the limited space of a natsume tea caddy. His workshop is now headed by the 8th Ippyōsai, Ippyō Ryō 一瓢良.


The wooden box, made of paulownia wood (kiri), is signed underneath: Makie-shi Ippyōsai 蒔絵師一瓢斉 and sealed. Comes with sealed silk cloth and extra black lacquered cedar box.