Kaneshige Kôsuke (*1943)

Bizen Tea Bowl (chawan)

Inv. Nr. #17.008
Date early 21th c.
Material Ash glazed stoneware
Dimensions H 8,9 x D 12,4 cm

Comes with signed box and black lacquered storage box

This masterfully crafted Bizen tea bowl was made by Kaneshige Kôsuke 金重晃介 (*1943) who is the third son of Bizen master and 'Living National Treasure' Kaneshige Tôyô 金重陶陽 (1896-1967). However, as this example shows Kôsuke became a master of its own. The harmoniously hand-formed tea bowl has a perfect ash glaze of a triangular shaped yelow and black crust that is culminating in a single glaze drop on the lower rim of the bowl.


Kôsuke's works have been awared many times and were acquired by important public collections such as the Santory Museum of Art, the Niimi Museum of Art, the Ibara Municipal Denchû Art Museum and the Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art.


This high-class item has a signed wooden box and an extra black-lacquered paulownia wood box for additional protection.