Mitsuji Setsuri (N.D.)

Maki-e Tea Caddy with Moon and Woods

Inv. Nr. #17.033
Date End 20th C.
Material Wood, lacquer, gold and silver
Dimensions H 7,5  x Diam. 7,2 cm

Comes with signed silk cloth and signed and sealed wooden box.

This elegant maki-e tea caddy (natsume) is a modern interpretation of traditional Japanese lacquer works. The whole wooden body is coated with silver and gold-powdered lacqer (fundame) in which abstracts trees are scratched and repainted with black lacquer forming a forest. Gold painted taka maki-e moon with golden halo. Inside coated with silver lacquer. Rims in gold.


Signed underneath Setsuri 雪里. Comes with signed and sealed silk wrapper (tomogire) and inscribed wooden box getsurin maki-e natsume 月林蒔絵棗 ("Golden lacquer tea caddy with moon and woods"), signed and sealed Setsuri 雪里.