Nakagawa Wadō (1880-1943)

Six-Panel Flower and Bird Screen

Inv. Nr. #17.005
Date 1920/30
Material Colors on gold
Dimensions 340 x 190 cm

Six-panel folding screen with bird-flower painting on gold ground painted by Nakagawa Wadō (1880 - ca. 1943). The painting shows a finely arranged composition of summer vegetation such as iris, peony, poppy and lilys that are hold by bamboo sticks growing around a moose covered rock on which a wagtail rests. The colorful painting on a bright gold leaf covered ground was outdone in style of the Rinpa school. Signed "Wadō", sealed "Nakagawa made".


Nakagawa Wadō was born 1880 in Ōsaka as son of Nakagawa Rogetsu (1859-1924). who has been a painter of the Maruyama school. Wadō was further trained by Fukada Chokujō (1861-1947) and Kikuchi Hōbun (1862-1918) and established the Osaka Art Organization in collaboration with Kitano Tsunetomi (1880-1947).