Uchino Kaoru (*1951)

Maki-e Sake Cup (sakazuki)

Inv. Nr. #18.002
Date Heisei period, early 21th C.
Material Wood, lacquer, gold, silver
Dimensions H 3,3 x Diam. 8,5 cm

Comes with inscribed, signed and sealed fitted wooden box.

Beautiful little Sake cup (sakazuki) made by one of the most talented and well known current lacquer artists Uchino Kaoru. Born in Nagoya, he graduated from Tokyo University of Arts, where he completed his master degree in 1980 as well. Since 1977 he is continuously chosen for the Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition held by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. In 1991 he created the armor and saddle for the famous Shikinen Sengu ceremony at the Ise shrine which takes place only every 20 years. In 2000 he was asked to produce a maki-e box that was presented and offered to by Ishikawa prefecture to Prince and Princess Akishino. Since 2001 he holds many solo exhibitions. 

This splendid maki-e sakazuki is decorated with a brook trout (yamame 山女, Oncorhynchus masou) and grapes on a black lacquer foundation (roiro). The fish's image is masterfully created by finely sprinkled gold and silver powder with an eye for minute details. The cup is signed underneath in red lacquer.

Box inscribed Yamame maki-e sakazuki, Kaoru 山女蒔絵 盃 薫 ("Maki-e sakazuki with brook trout, [made by] Kaoru").